How to Delete Search History Results in Windows Explorer


We can always search files and documents within hard disk via Windows Explorer Utility.


Search can sort by Date Modified, Kind (Type of Document), Size of file and Other Properties.


However, when you type in and execute a search term in Windows Explorer, the search term is saved. Therefore, the next time you try to search for a file or folder, you can view previous searches.


If you don’t want these searches stored on your computer, you can delete the search history results for files and folders.

Step 1
Click “Start” menu in the lower left corner of the screen. Type “regedit.exe” into the search box and press “Enter.” This opens the registry editor, which is a utility that allows you to edit various registry files.


Step 2
Double-click -> “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”  -> “Software” -> “Microsoft” -> “Windows” -> “CurrentVersion” -> “Explorer” -> “WordWheelQuery” in the left column of the registry editor.


Step 3
Right-click “WordWheelQuery” folder and select “Delete” This deletes all of the search entries and results for files and folders.

Step 5
Close the Windows Registry Editor and all search history is deleted from your computer.