How to Reset Windows 10


Compare to previous version of Windows Operation System, Windows 10 come with very user friendly reset feature. You can easily reset your Windows 10 desktop, laptop or tablet. During the Windows 10 reset process, you can choose either keeping personal files or removing personal files.

Note: System Restore and Reset feature is totally different feature, do not confuse either.

Important note before you start Reset your Windows 10 machine
– Decide to keep or remove personal files?
– Confirm remove all apps including classic programs? Installer or drivers available?
– Removes all changes / settings you made to Windows 10
– If you upgraded from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10, Removes apps your PC manufacturer installed?
– If your PC came with Windows 10 pre-installed, all apps installed by your PC manufacturer will be reinstalled during the Reset PC process
– Resetting a Windows 10 PC is easy but might take up to 1 hour or 2 to complete the job.

1. Hit Windows Logo > Settings


2. Update & Security


3. Recovery > Reset this PC > Get Startedsettings-recovery

4. Keep my files


6. Warning Notice > Nextupgrade-warning

7. Reset

8. Windows 10 Reset in process, running 8% of 100%resetting-pc

9. Windows 10 Reset in processresettings-this-pc

10. Install Windows 10 in processinstalling-wiondws

It will auto restart once reach 100%, unlock the screen and enter your username and password, you can access Windows 10 as usual

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