How to take Screenshots using Windows 10 Built-in Tools


A proverb says “A picture is worth a thousand words”! This is why print-screen / screenshot is so important in our workplace. How to take quick screenshot in Windows 10 by using Windows built-in tools, without using third-party programs. Let us show you several method that available in Windows 10 and also previous version of Windows Operating Systems.

1. Keyboard key – Prt Scr (Laptop) / Print Scrn (Desktop Keyboard)
This is the most common use method and also best known. This method works in all version of Windows, including Windows 10.

screenshot-fullWhen you press the PrtScn / Print Scrn on your keyboard (your screen getting darker), this creates a screenshot of the whole screen, including Start button and Taskbar. Please note that this screenshot is not store anywhere, it is just saved to the clipboard.

Open Paint (Windows built in image editing program), paste (Ctrl + v) the image. You can edit the image and then save it.

2. Windows Key + PrtScn
This method will auto save the whole screen as a file on your hard drive and the path would be Pictures > Screenshots.

3. Alt + PrtScn
To avoid screenshot included unnecessary info, you may just want to take screenshot of the Active Windows, hit Alt + PrtScn on your keyboard. This screenshot is temporary saved to the clipboard as well, paste it to Paint for editing, then save it.


4. Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool is a desktop app built default by Windows, you are free to define and select your area for screenshot. You can edit it straightaway via Snipping Tool’s Pen, Highlighter, Eraser and etc.

5. How to take Screenshots on Windows Tablet
Method 1 – 4 above is not applicable Windows Tablet as no keyboard in tablet. How? Use hardware buttons available on the tablet. Press Windows Logo + Volume Down key at the same time, this apply to most of Windows tablet. Screen will getting darker when you hit Windows Logo + Volume Down key together. It is like method 2, screenshot auto save at Pictures > Screenshots.

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