Prevent Windows 10 Auto Restart to Complete Windows Updates


By default, Windows Operating System will attempt to restart as soon as Windows update installation completed. You may busy completing your urgent task during office hours. How to prevent Windows auto restart?


In Windows 10, it automatically downloads and install available updates. After installing updates, Windows 10 might need to restart your PC to complete installation process. This is to make sure your Windows 10 always equip with latest patches.

Windows 10 introduce Active Hours feature for Windows Updates. Active Hours is a time for you to tell your Windows 10 PC don’t automatically restart at specific period of the day. The Active Hours feature allow you to set Active Hours up to 18 hours. For e.g. You set your Active Hours from 8AM to 6PM, meaning that Windows 10 will not restart your PC during that period of time to complete installing updates.

Anyway, if you are using your PC outside Active Hours and Windows want to restart your PC to complete windows updates, Windows 10 will display a notification before proceed to restart, this is to spare time for you to save your work.

Let’s learn how to set Active Hours in Windows 10.
1. Click Windows Logo (Start) > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update >Change active hours
2. Change your Start Time to 8AM, End time 6PM > Save
This tells Windows 10 do not restart between 8AM – 6PM.

Anyway, if you want to restart PC at specific within Active Hours, you can use Windows Update Restart Option to temporary override Active Hours.
1. Click Windows Logo (Start) > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Restart Option

2. Turn it On > Set Your Time and Day for Windows 10 to restart your PC to complete Windows Updates

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