Windows 10: Create PDF from Multiple Images


Old folk’s method of creating PDF from multiple images is print it physically, then scan it into PDF format. Those printed images will dispose, this wasted a lot of resources. Adobe Acrobat is powerful tool for creating PDFs, but this is a very expensive process. Windows 10 come with Microsoft Print to PDF feature that allow you to merge multiple images into a single PDF for FREE.

First of all, make sure Microsoft Print to PDF feature is turn on in your Windows 10
1. Start > Type windows features > Click Turn Windows Features on or off


2. Make sure Microsoft Print to PDF is ticked. Else, please Select it > OK


Imagine you had 3 different file format images: .tiff, .jpg and .png and you would like to combine then into single PDF.


1. Select ALL 3 images > Right Click on any of the image > Print
2. The Print Pictures windows appear: Printer = Microsoft Print to PDF > Choose paper and layout
3. Print
4. Enter your PDF file name > Save

5. Double click test images.pdf at desktop, you will see it appear as below

It is ready to view images in PDF formatĀ (test images.pdf) via Acrobat Reader or any compatible PDF application. As you can see from this example, it successfully created a 3 page PDF file from 3 separate source image format.

Note: The Microsoft Print to PDF feature is a system-wide virtual printer that can be accessed from most Windows applications.

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