Windows 10: How to Run Disk Cleanup


Disk cleanup Utility is a useful Windows built in application where it can delete old unwanted files, such as
– Windows upgrade log files
– Download Program Files
– Temporary Internet Files
– Offline webpages
– System error memory dump files
– System archived Windows Error Reports
– Recycle Bin
– Temporary files
– Thumbnails

As long as your computer running in normal mode, you are advisable to clean this from time to time to save hard disk space.

1. Start > Type Disk Cleanup > Click to open Disk Cleanup

2. Choose C Drive > OK

3. Clean up system files > Choose C Drive

4. If you confident, please tick ALL > OK

5. Delete Files

6. It is cleaning up your PC

You have to wait a few minutes for the files to delete, it depends on how much of data need to be cleaned. For sure, your C drive will have a lot more space afterwards.

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